Be sure to check out my latest illustration for the 58th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival Poster Design Contest!

rainy dayGloria Stovall Design is a Portland, Oregon based design company with skills aimed to… Cheese and crackers! Are you bored yet? Yeah, me too. I’m Gloria, the only one here. You have stumbled upon my little space on the internet where I procrastiwork, creating pretty things. There’s quite a bit of work on this site, with a really strange amalgamation of styles and projects. I hope you enjoy rummaging through them. And if you have a project you want to work with me on, or need a new website, please shoot me a message.

In addition to my graphic work, I have a blog that I talk about a bunch of different aspects of art and design. I like to give my clients a little insight about what it means to do this work, as well as to communicate tips and tricks I’ve either discovered or have been shared with me with fellow artists.